The Largest Wood Processing Factory

It is the story of a process that involves selecting hundreds of years old trees that are about to dry out and using them in the industry. In fact, if you look at the window from a wider perspective, it is a never-ending cycle in which the new saplings planted in their place will be transformed by the next generations.


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Since the trees used here are the largest trees in the world, the largest sawmill is needed to process them.


Wood working Factory
Wood working Factory


I squinted my eyes from my couch when they initially removed the log.

Very nice horizontal saw machine… OK

Hello friends, be careful while working. Amazing video sharing

This is how they grind large trees in most countries. Some mills are using lasers and computers to figure out how to remove the most sheets from the billet.

Once again, I know where these trees come from, everyone likes to watch these videos, but then they cut down the rainforests, I guess

Are there any videos of the kiln drying area? I wake up early and enjoy watching these videos

What do you think about working in flip-flops?

love safety equipment, a cheap face mask that will protect him from anything

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