Caterpillar 794AC dump truck moves with its huge features.


It is Caterpillar’s high performance dump truck. Its general area of use is mining areas. The load it carries is bulk material. The load capacity is 291 metric tons when fully loaded. Yes, this may sound crazy, but it’s true. On the other hand, it is of course not easy to move a giant truck that weighs so much. To provide this power, the Caterpillar 794AC dump truck is equipped with a powerful engine that can reach up to 3,500 horsepower.


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Ease of Use

A spacious and ergonomic operator cab awaits operators using the Caterpillar 794AC dump truck, providing great comfort that reduces vibration and provides a comfortable experience during long working hours. It also offers high maneuverability when transporting bulk materials and can move easily even in narrow spaces. This provides greater ease of use for the operator. In addition, while moving this giant truck, operators can monitor the performance of the truck, increase efficiency and optimize maintenance processes, thanks to the integrated sensors and advanced telematics system. Caterpillar manages to combine all this operator comfort with its strong and durable structure and has no difficulty in coping with heavy workloads. It can be said that it provides all the needs of the operator with comfort, with its advanced braking systems, hill descent controls and other safety features.


Bist Caterpillar 794AC Ease of Use
Caterpillar 794AC Ease of Use


Caterpillar 794AC dump truck highlights

Long Life: The Caterpillar 794AC is manufactured from durable materials and designed to provide long-lasting performance.
Environmentally Friendly: It is an environmentally friendly option thanks to its low emission values and fuel efficiency.
Operating Efficiency: High speed and strong traction power enable you to transport materials faster and increase your work efficiency.
Modular Design: The modular structure of the truck facilitates maintenance and repair processes and does not interrupt your work for a minimum of time.
Innovation: Caterpillar works to further improve your truck by constantly developing new technologies and innovative solutions.
Reliability: Thanks to Caterpillar’s superior quality standards and years of experience, the 794AC truck stands out as a reliable and durable option.
Suspension: Specially designed suspension system increases ride comfort even in harsh working environments.


Caterpillar 794AC dump truck highlights
Caterpillar 794AC dump truck highlights
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