Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel Loader’s powerful engine enables easy loading of large rocks

Komatsu WA800-8E0 is a wheel loader designed for heavy-duty applications. 8E0 Series is the latest version of the WA800 Series. The model, which was first introduced in 2020, contains the most up-to-date hardware in the WA800 series.


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What are the Specific Features of Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel Loader?


Weight: The weight of the Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel loader is approximately 115.53 t.

Engine power: Equipped with a powerful diesel engine for high performance. The engine is fuel efficient and has low emission levels. WA800-8E0 It also has the SAA12V140E-7 Engine type and has a 12-cylinder power of 638 kW.

Bucket capacity: Your Komatsu WA800-8E0 wheel loader comes with a large bucket with a large capacity of 11.5 m³. This bucket design is optimized for fast and efficient loading operations.

Dimensions: Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel loader measures 4.8 m in width, 10.05 m in length and 4.5 m in height.

Tires: The loader’s own standard tires are wide and durable tires measuring 45/65 R45 and provide optimum traction in harsh working conditions.


Komatsu WA800-8E0 Specific Features
Komatsu WA800-8E0 Specific Features

Other Key Features of Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel Loader


Operator Comfort: A large and ergonomically designed cabin offers the operator a comfortable working environment. The height-adjustable seat, suspension system and well-placed control buttons reduce operator fatigue.

Occupational Safety: WA800-8E0 attaches importance to operator safety. Safety features such as clear cabin windows, rearview camera and emergency stop button are available.

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Technology: It has technological features such as advanced control systems, smart hydraulic systems and digital displays. User-friendly interfaces simplify operation and increase operator efficiency.


Komatsu WA800-8E0 Features
Komatsu WA800-8E0 Features


Komatsu WA800-8E0 Wheel Loader overview


Komatsu WA800-8E0 is a wheel loader used for heavy load transportation and material placement. It provides efficient and safe operation with its features such as high engine power, large bucket capacity and operator comfort. Additionally, thanks to its advanced technological features, it is easy to use and has high performance.

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