Specific Features of the Legendary TITAN 33-19 Truck

TITAN 33-19 is an ultra-class mining truck produced by TITAN. This mining truck was once specially designed for harsh mining operations and is known for its enormous size and capacity. The reason why we say once upon a time is because it does not continue to exist today.


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This giant truck, which first appeared at the American Mining Congress exhibition in Las Vegas in 1974, remained at the top of the list of the world’s largest trucks for 25 years. It is worth mentioning that this truck, which visually exists without an engine for visiting purposes in the tourist park in Sparwood BC, Canada, maintains its top place in terms of dimensions, although there are many models that have surpassed it in terms of capacity.

What are the specific features that make it a giant?


Payload Capacity: The TITAN 33-19 has an impressive payload capacity of approximately 360 tonnes, allowing it to efficiently transport large amounts of material in mining applications.

Engine: 16-cylinder Powered by a high-power engine, typically a Cummins QSK78 engine, capable of producing approximately 4,000 horsepower.


TITAN 33-19 specific features
TITAN 33-19 specific features

What are the other important features of the TITAN 33-19 Truck?


Dump Body: The truck is equipped with a wide tipper body that allows easy and efficient unloading of materials. The dumper body is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide durability in harsh mining environments.

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Suspension: TITAN 33-19 has a specially designed suspension system to handle large load capacity, providing stability and safety during operation.

Safety Features: The truck is equipped with advanced safety features such as a high-quality braking system, advanced traction control, ergonomic operator cabin and in-car monitoring systems.


TITAN 33-19 Giant truck overview


Please note that specific features may vary slightly by model year depending on variants and customization options. TITAN 33-19 has already taken its place in memories as a huge mining truck known for its reliability, durability and efficiency in large-scale mining operations.

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