The world’s 5 largest dump trucks working in mines.

If we want to list the 5 largest mining dump trucks in the world, these trucks are none other than BELAZ 75710, CATERPILLAR 797F, LIEBHERR T284, TEREX/BUCYRUS MT6300AC and KOMATSU 960E, respectively. Let’s get to know these gigantic dump trucks more closely by talking about their carrying capacity, engine power and important specific features.


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KOMATSU 960E Dump Truck


Originally designed and manufactured by Camazo in Peoria Illinois, United States, the Komatsu 960E is known for its ultra-class and state-of-the-art design and performance with a payload capacity of up to 360 tons.

KOMATSU 960E is Komatsu’s largest and highest capacity transport vehicle. This incredible truck was developed in 2008 and has been proving its capabilities ever since, and with a total weight of 275 tonnes, the Komatsu 960E can move up to 64 kilometers per hour, this machine is too heavy for highways to be transported somewhere. It is assembled piece by piece and as soon as it reaches the site.






Formerly known as the Terex MT6300AC, this machine was rebranded in 2010 and we now know it as the BUCYRUS MT6300AC.

A truck that promises an incredible off-highway experience with its ultra class 2 axles and diesel-ac electric powertrain. So far this machine is the largest from BUCYRUS and the highest payload capacity transport truck can handle an impressive total weight of 400 tonnes. The MT6300AC dump truck is powered by a detroit diesel MTU 20V 4000 engine. Some of its competitors offer the same payload capacity as the Liebherr T282B and Caterpillar 797F.

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LIEBHERR T284 Dump Truck


Another important mining truck we have to cover is the Liebherr T284; This represents the progress and success of Liebherr’s Liebherr T-282C, an ultra-class mining truck aimed at helping the customer’s production goals even with fewer trucks and less time.

LIEBHERR T284 payload class of 363 tonnes and gross power of 2720, which not only increases such high productivity, but also reduces fuel consumption by delivering more than 4000 horsepower despite its gross weight of 605 tonnes. Liebherr T284 is still considered the lightest dump truck . The most capable mining truck at the top of its weight when empty due to its high payload capacity.







Next up is the Caterpillar 797F. These Caterpillar 797 series off-road ultra-cam 2-axle mechanical powertrain transport trucks have since been purpose-built to withstand and exceed the great demands of high-production mining and heavy construction applications worldwide.

In 1998 this series produced the highest capacity transport trucks, but the current third generation model 797F is considered one of the largest transport trucks in the world, offering a total payload capacity of up to 400 short tons, making it the highest payload capacity among them. Among some features of mechanically driven transport trucks. It has a gross power of 4000 horsepower, as well as an impressive service life due to all the main components. The 797 series can be maintained or replaced outside its chassis. The overall lifespan of the truck will depend on the durability of the chassis, but it generally has a service life of up to 20 years.

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Caterpillar 797F
Caterpillar 797F



BELAZ 75710 Dump Truck


BELAZ 75710, considered one of the oldest but still the largest, just like the previous trucks, this is an ultra-class transport truck.

Its unique layout includes a front engine and four-wheel drive, both axles are traditionally installed on BELAZ 75710. Since its double wheels, four-wheel drive and four-wheel power steering are also quite unusual, we need the support of two 59 80 R63 tires, BELAZ 75710 It can also turn into a radius of about 31 meters or 102 feet payloads on trucks like this. Especially this model, which can carry up to 450 tons of cargo, is also worth mentioning.


BELAZ 75710
BELAZ 75710

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