The weirdest looking tractors with tracks

It first appeared in London in 1947 and was invented by O. Singer and was produced to increase traction power compared to tractors with standard tires and to use the advantage of the track in difficult terrain. O. Singer could not achieve the result he was looking for in the test drives he made with this design. As a result of approximately 20 years of development until 1967, he decided that tractors with standard tires were more useful and decided to return to the old system.


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I bet it was hard to get that thing stuck because that’s what you want to put under a wheel when it is stuck

Very cool! I’ve never seen those before. Noticed them several common tractors in the video including a Ford N series.

Looks like something for a cartoon. I like it.

I can just imagine how it would be to have a stick get caught in that mechanism the woods are heavy Rush probably why this didn’t last very long I’ve only seen one of these over the years and now I’ve seen this one. Very weird Square wheel lol

Thank you for showing this. WOW such a great idea for a plane wheel Farm TRACTOR. All I can say is WOW. Great Trenchers.

Thet are called dreadnought wheels where they lay down and pick up there own tracks. Big Lizzy had a similar type of mechanism on all 4 whells

Seems like those type of tracks with enough power u could go just about anywhere

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Those Ol’Timers were pretty ingenious with some of their ways of getting things done or problems solved. I guess this leads us to the old adage…..


Tractors with tracks
Tractors with tracks

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