Top 5 Largest Mining Excavators In The World

Part of the duties on a construction site is the need for seemingly endless excavations to create Trenches and Foundations and this is the main role of an Excavator. For large projects, large excavators are needed. Let’s take a look at the features of the world’s 5 largest excavators.


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First, we will talk about Komatsu PC8000, known as the most powerful hydraulic excavator in Komatsu’s product range. It has superior digging ability with its 4020 kW horsepower engine and 42 cubic meters shovel capacity. Moreover, its 42 cubic meter bucket capacity makes it easy to load trucks of 240 to 400 tons.


What are the highlights of the KOMATSU PC8000 Excavator?


A new safety feature called the comvision system has been incorporated into this machine to increase operator awareness and reduce pothole accidents. The developers of the PC8000 also made sure to include a 45-degree ladder system. The operator and maintenance staff have convenient and safe access to the engine room level and cab level. They have also developed an intelligent data system called comtrax plus upgrade, which allows the operator to monitor the Komatsu machine directly from the cab, allowing proactive and preventive maintenance. Speaking of monitoring, the PC8000 also has a load meter that identifies the bucket load so the operator can load the truck more efficiently, thus reducing truck loading time due to fewer passes required per truck and collecting data for the mine manager to base his own data on.


KOMATSU PC8000 Excavator
KOMATSU PC8000 Excavator




When it comes to mining excavators, one of the largest is the Liebherr R9800, with bucket capacity ranging from 42 cubic meters to 47.5 cubic metres. This excavator’s advanced technology combines flexibility and productivity to meet every possible need.


What are the highlights of the Liebherr R9800 Excavator?


You can be sure that the diesel engine power they choose for the Liebherr R9800 Excavator is a satisfactory 2984 KW. Challenging both productivity and flexibility, the R9800 can also be paired to easily load R264, T274 and T284 mining trucks. A highly productive machine designed for large-scale mining operations, it also has other great features such as quick-connect hydraulics; This eliminates the need for a hammer and manual pull-out in inserting mounting pins for attachment, allowing quick replacement of buckets and attachments.


Liebherr R9800 Excavator
Liebherr R9800 Excavator




Next we have the Hitachi EX8000, the largest excavator in the Hitachi product line. This machine prides itself on its exceptional productivity levels by having powerful diesel engines as its power provider.


What are the highlights of the Hitachi EX8000 Excavator?


The EX8000 Excavator with a 40 or 43 cubic meter backhoe bucket can quickly accomplish most tasks. Hitachi EX8000, which allows the job to be completed in a short time thanks to its large bucket and even has a computer-aided engine pump control to monitor the maximum operating efficiency of the machine, takes efficiency and productivity to a very advanced level as it is designed to work 24/7 while maintaining its durability and reliability.

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Hitachi EX8000 Excavator
Hitachi EX8000 Excavator




Terex company is known as a global manufacturer of lifting and material handling products and services and they also have a representative among the largest excavators; This is the TEREX RH400. The world’s largest hydraulic Excavator this machine can dig up to a depth of 62.34 feet and the maximum dumping height is 47.50 feet yet maintains a constant maximum travel speed of 1.37 miles per hour, which is possible thanks to its engine with a registered net power of 4500 horsepower is happening.


TEREX RH400 Excavator
TEREX RH400 Excavator




At the top we have the CAT 6090 FS This massive machine is known to provide the widest range of payloads, promising easier serviceability and greater productivity.


What are the highlights of the CAT 6090 FS Excavator?


Its standard bucket has a capacity of 37 to 55 cubic meters and a total bucket carrying capacity of 103 tons. Since the top priority of this machine is safety, productivity and serviceability, enabling the QSK60 to produce a net power of 4500 horsepower, manufacturers have added several useful features; The CAT 6090 FS features a unique drive system that maintains a balanced combination of power and efficiency. If your concern is within its power, it is integrated with the new dual motor concept that allows it to remain running more consistently, with the trip power system ensuring the machine’s superior intake capacity and bucket filling factors even when the energy used is efficiently maintained. Thanks to its closed loop rotation circuit, it has a relatively faster boom lifting movement compared to others.

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CAT 6090 FS Excavator
CAT 6090 FS Excavator

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