Caterpillar D11 Bulldozer pushes the giant rock with its powerful features

The Caterpillar D11 series has never left the top in the large bulldozer category with the D11T and D11R models. The Caterpilar D11T series was first launched by Caterpillar in 2008 to replace the old D11R model, just like the old D11R, the new D11T is also available from Caterpillar in two different model forms depending on the customer’s preference; these include the standard D11T bulldozer. The standard D11T Bulldozer is equipped with an 11U blade with a capacity of 35 cubic yards or an 11U blade with a capacity of 45 cubic yards. Let’s take a look at the features of this giant bulldozer, which is at the top today as D11T.


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Caterpillar D11T Blade Capacity

The massive blade you see on the front of the final Caterpillar D11T image is 22 feet in diameter and is designed to carry 57 cubic yards of material; It is capable of pushing and carrying more material than the standard D11T. The large blade of the transport dozer also increases productivity. The weight of the bulldozer provides more thrust and better stability when working on steep slopes to support this massive blade.


Caterpillar D11T Capacity
Caterpillar D11T Capacity


Mining Package/Access

As you can see, the D11T transport dozer has a reinforced undercarriage and frame. This particular D11T is equipped with Caterpillar’s optional mining package, which consists of additional guardrails and walkways around the operator’s cab and a hydraulically operated access ladder that swings downwards when engaged. It was developed to provide safe access for the operator to get on and off the vehicle.


Mining Package - Access
Mining Package – Access


Engine / ACERT Technology / Power

In the D11T Series, the 3508B EUI diesel engine used in the old D11R was replaced by a new Caterpillar C32 Diesel engine with Acer technology, which you can see under the hood in the image. This engine produces 850 horsepower for this. The bulldozer’s Acer technology reduces emissions at the point of combustion in the engine to help meet United States EPA emissions regulations, while also providing precise fuel delivery and improved Air Management to the engine. This Technology provides outstanding engine performance compared to the legacy 3508B EUI diesel engine. This provides a 21% increase in torque for the D11T’s C32 diesel engine compared to the engine used in the D11R.


 Engine - ACERT Technology - Power
Engine – ACERT Technology – Power


Caterpillar D11T Cooling system

D11T has a two-pass system radiator that provides better heat exchange. An improvement to the D11T is a redesigned exhaust system with larger mufflers, as well as redesigned curved exhaust stacks moved further away from the front of the operator’s cab.


Caterpillar D11T Cooling System
Caterpillar D11T Cooling System


Cabin / Controls

We include an image where you can get a good overview of the interior of the Caterpillar D11T’s operator cabin. When designing the D11T Caterpillar Engineers paid close attention to the layout of the controls inside the operator head, some controls have been redesigned, some have been repositioned for better visibility and some controls have even been replaced with switches on the front, you can see all the gauges to monitor the bulldozer in action and a storage in the floor below You can see the pane. There are two foot pedals, the left one is the brake pedal and the other pedal on the right side controls the retarder. Just like the old D11R, the D11T also has a fingertip controlled electric clutch brake steering system.

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Cab - Controls
Cab – Controls


Caterpillar D11T Fuel Capacity

The D11T comes with Caterpillar’s standard 425-gallon diesel fuel tank mounted directly behind the operator’s cab at the rear of the bulldozer, but this particular D11T is equipped with the optional 505-gallon diesel fuel tank, which you can see mounted right here. On the back of the bulldozer and on the left side, here you can see the hatch that will fill this tank with diesel fuel, mounted on the right side is a 64 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir tank, if you look right here you can see the raise and lower switch hydraulically operated access ladder which you can see here


Caterpillar D11T Fuel Capacity
Caterpillar D11T Fuel Capacity


Ripper Options

As you can see in the image, this particular D11T is equipped with a single-shank Ripper, but Caterpillar also offers a multi-shank ripper for the D11T depending on customer preference; If you look up in the image you can see two rollers for tilting the ripper forward or backward. Below you can see the two cylinders that raise and lower the Ripper.


Caterpillar D11T Ripper Options
Caterpillar D11T Ripper Options


Dimensions / Weight

To help give you an idea of the size of a D11T, we should say that this Bulldozer is 15 feet 4 inches tall by 11 feet 10 inches wide from the ground to the top of the ropes above the operator’s head. The weight of the bulldozer is 115 tons when equipped with the 11U blade and single-shank Ripper, but a fully equipped D11T transport Dozer, equipped with the single-shank Ripper as you see here, weighs 124 tons, plain and simple.

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Dimensions - Weight - Conclusion History
Dimensions – Weight – Conclusion History

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