Komatsu WA900-3 loader moves large marble blocks with its powerful features

The Komatsu WA900-3 wheel loader, which we will try to explain in detail in this article, has features that provide the power to move large marble blocks. Komatsu first introduced the WA900-1 model at the Mining Expo in La Vegas Nevada in September 1996, then in 1999 the improved WA900-3 version, which we will talk about today, was introduced. Now let’s take a closer look at the features of this large loader that can move giant marble blocks without difficulty.


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Komatsu WA900-3 Bucket Capacity

Komatsu WA900-3 is offered in bucket sizes ranging from 15 to 17 cubic meters, with dimensions shaped according to customer preferences.


Komatsu WA900-3 Capacity
Komatsu WA900-3 Capacity


Boom options / Z-Bar

Short or high lift boom configurations are available for the WA900-3, depending on whether the customer prefers the WA900-3 with a sea rod attachment that provides maximum breakout force when digging.


Komatsu WA900-3 Boom options - Z-Bar
Komatsu WA900-3 Boom options – Z-Bar


Braking system of Komatsu WA900-3 Wheel loader

The Komatsu WA900-3 features hydraulically actuated wet multi-disc brakes located on each wheel hub, requiring no adjustment for less maintenance.


Komatsu WA900-3 Braking System
Komatsu WA900-3 Braking System


Gearing / Wheelbase / Dimensions

The Komatsu WA900-3 has an 11 ft tread which is the widest in its class and a wheelbase of 17 ft 10 in which gives this loader maximum stability and to help give you an idea of the size of a WA900-3 this loader is 17 ft 4 in inches in size. It is long and 15 feet (1 inch) wide from the ground to the top of the operator station, in the image you can see where the two sections of the frame are attached together, this is also where the articulated steering is, you can see a steering cylinder on each side which will turn the frame left or right.

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Tread - Wheelbase - Dimensions
Tread – Wheelbase – Dimensions


Service Fluid Capacities

The hydraulic oil reservoir tank, which you can see here, is mounted on the left side of the Komatsu WA900-3 wheel loader, and the 411-gallon diesel fuel tank is mounted on the right side of the machine.


Service Fluid Capacities
Service Fluid Capacities


Engine power of Komatsu WA900-3 wheel loader

You can see a nice view of this engine from the image below, which produces 856 horsepower at 2050 rpm from the Komatsu SAA 12V 140E-3 water-cooled 4-Cycle turbocharged and cooled V12 diesel engine, which is the large diesel engine that powers the Komatsu WA900-3 wheel loader. The loader is fed directly from above to a three-element, single-stage, single-phase torque converter, full power shift planetary transmission. Again in the image you can get a good overview of the upper deck of the WA900-3, directly behind the operator’s hatch is the barrel for the central lubrication system.


Komatsu WA900-3 Engine - Power
Komatsu WA900-3 Engine – Power


Hydraulic Pumps

You can get a good view when looking at hydraulic pumps. The Komatsu WA900-3 uses two piston pumps, one powering the steering and the other powering the front attachment. The circles you can see are located directly behind the engine compartment providing 83.2 GPM and 109.6 GPM respectively this is where the air filters are located on the loader and when you look from here you can see the two air intakes for the engine directly on top. In the upper part of the engine compartment you can see the two exhaust silencers and all the guardrails that ensure the safety of the loader when it is in service.

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Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Pumps


Cabin / Controls

You can get a good overview of the inside of the operator’s cab of the Komatsu WA900-3 from the image. Let’s take a look at what some controls do. Directly in front of the operator’s seat is the control panel that monitors the entire loader. In operation, the WA900-3 features an advanced joystick steering system. The lever located on the left side gives the operator the option of steering this loader with the joystick and how to push the joystick to the left to turn. It is used to push the loader to the left and to turn the loader to the right to push it to the right. The buttons you see in the image are for gear selection.


Komatsu WA900-3 Cab - Controls
Komatsu WA900-3 Cab – Controls


Service Weight / Results History

The total operating weight of a WA900-3 is 107.35 tonnes. Komatsu has continued to make many upgrades to the WA900-3 series over time to improve the loader’s overall performance, today we can say that it is in its final form with a capacity of 118.3 tons.


Service Weight - Conclusion History
Service Weight – Conclusion History

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